Concrete Kerb Casting Method Statement - Highway Guide

The concrete will be loaded on to the transit mixer directly from the batching plant and transported to the kerb location. Kerb casting will be laid on firm foundation of minimum 150 mm thickness of cement concrete of M10 grade cast-in-situ and extending 50mm beyond the kerb stone or over WMM surface as per site condition. Before laying the

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Concrete & wooden piles - Plastic /vinyl sheet piles - Vertical wick drains (geotextile) - For rigid inclusions - Cast in-situ piles - Waterlight curtains HV Vibrodrivers - Cast- in situ piles (using closed-end piles) - Driving of casings - Extraction of casings - Vertical wick drains (geotextile) - Installation of sand drains


CONSTRUCTION OF INSITU CONCRETE CULVERTSA culvert is a drain or pipe that allows water to flow under a road or a railroad. It can be made from concrete or corrugated metal pipes, PVC drain pipes, Corrugated Polyethylene Drainage Tu Drain Pipe or corrugated polyethylene Drain Pipe.This form of culvert is cast on site unlike the prefabricated culvertsProcedureAfter

Cast in Situ with CLC System Foam Concrete Machines

What You need For produce insulated lightweight Cast in Situ wall. 1. Modular Light Plastic formworks. 2. Mobile Machine for Foamed Concrete Advantages

Ring / Pipe Culverts Construction procedure

After arranging the pre-cast pipe Culvert/Rings into the align position, arranging the form work panel and then casting of concrete. Taking the pipe/ring dimension to be 1000 mm (1.0m), the thickness of the concrete from the form work panel to the pre-cast ring/pipe is 200mm more or less on both sides depending on the design.

How to form a concrete trench drain | Eric'sons Dura Trench

A good old fashioned hand formed concrete trench drain is labor intensive but very flexible in terms of design. The contractor can easily adjust width, depth, slope, and add almost any feature desired. The down side to hand forming a concrete trench drain is that it takes skill and time to get it right.

Concrete Balconies for High-rise Residential Buildings

Concrete balconies cannot draw rainwater and are therefore required to have a splashback, this significantly increases the weight of the balcony increasing the strain on the building. Sapphire Cassette® balconies have drainage solutions built-in allowing for extra slim cassettes and lightweight balconies.

3D BIM Model & 2D Shop Drawings for Cast-in-situ concrete

We provide 3D BIM Model & 2D Shop Drawings for Cast-in-situ concrete, Precast Concrete & Reinforced Concrete. Overview. Steel Detailing. drop panels, structural roof opening, structural walls, shear walls, ramp, stairs, CMU walls, Reinforcement, sleeves, equipment pads etc. Precast Concrete: Tilt-up Wall Panels, Hollow Core Slab, Joist

Cement Concrete piles |Cast-in-situ Concrete piles

An under reamed pile is a bored cast-in-situ concrete pile having one or more bulbs or under-reams in its lower portion. The bulbs or under-reams are formed by under-reaming tool. The diameter of an under-reamed pile varies from 200 mm to 500 mm and that of bulb varies from 2 to 3 times the diameter of pile.

How to install a channel drainage system | JDP

Installing channel drain in your home is an easy and cost effective way to deal with drainage issues on your property and it's so easy most people can do it themselves. In this guide we'll go through the basic installation methods to help you install a successful channel drainage system in your driveway, pavement or other problem areas.

Construction Of Cross Drainage Structure | Box Culvert

The slump and temperature of concrete shall be checked at the site before pouring, and it should be as per the requirement of inspection and test plan of the casting of RCC Box/specification of the contract. Concrete shall be poured in the formwork by Static concrete Pump/placer boom without any disruption to avoid cold joints.

Method Statement for Pouring Concrete on Slab on Grade

Method Statement for Pouring Concrete on Slab on Grade. After backfilling works the next is casting slab on grade (ground), make sure that all the area beneath grade slab have been properly backfilled and compacted. Approval must be obtained from the Engineer for waterproofing and backfilling works prior to start slab on grade casting.

18 Tools Every Concrete Contractor Must Have

Since concrete waits for no one, the right tools can make the difference between a successful pour and a potential disaster. Most of the essential tools are basic and do not require a significant investment. Owning these eliminates the cost of rental fees and the lost time picking up and returning the equipment. Some specialty equipment is more

Lockable gratings for in-situ channels - ACO

ACO cast-in-situ drainage solution. Ductile iron frame and grating, width 200 mm and 300 mm ACO cast-in-situ drainage solution. Ductile iron frame and grating, width 200 mm and 300 mm Size 200 Frame Grating Size 300 Frame Grating Lenght: 500 mm 499 mm Lenght: 500 mm 499 mm Width: 283.5 mm 223 mm Width: 395 mm 338 mm Depth: 62 mm 32 mm Depth: 78 mm 36.5 mm

PDF Section 5: Kerb and gutter - Sutherland Shire

Dish drains other than at intersections shall be cast insitu either by - kerb extrusion machine or by manual mehods of setting up fort ms and pacing l concrete in accordance with the . SSC standard drawings. Dish drains at intersections shall be cast in-situ by manual methods of setting up forms and pacing concrete incorporating reinforcement

In-Situ Testing of Concrete for Strength, Durability and

In-Situ Testing for Concrete Strength Core tests that are slow and expensive are the most effective method to assess concrete strength. However, Pulse velocity and hardness tests lead to minor damages and at the same time are economical and quick. Even though, these tests are perfect to comparative and uniformity evaluation but their correlation to anticipate absolute strength create many issues.

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Other Pre-cast Concrete Products For over 60 years, J&R Precast has been engineering and manufacturing precast concrete products to our own exacting standards. The Redi-Rock retaining and free-standing wall systems utilize an innovative and unique series of knob and groove technology resulting in a self-aligning system. This engineered solution allows the entire structure to interlock

Precon Engineered Precast Concrete Products

Precon's precast concrete headwalls offer a cost effective alternative to in-situ structures for connecting pipework discharging into open watercourses. Impact Baffle An outlet-style structure, with an engineered basin and headwall that are designed to dissipate energy, as water is introduced into a drainage system or natural water course.

Pile Foundation Construction Procedure - Iamcivilengineer

Most of cast in-situ concrete piles are reinforced throughout its length with a cage of reinforcement fixed at ground and then lowered with the help of crane before concreting. The reinforcement usually used in pile foundation includes vertical main bars of #11 diameters with the spiral of lower dia reinforcement for providing shear and

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cast in Situ Concrete

Advantages of Cast In Situ Concrete Piles. As explained above cast in situ piles are installed by pre-excavation, thus eliminating vibration due to driving as in case of driven piles. In housing area, by hammering in driving the piles may cause huge sound pollutions. In such areas cast in situ piling is more effective.