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Most current inline mixing companies only focus on "high shear". Only INFINI-MIX™ offers the full range of continuous inline dynamic mixers ranging in intensity from virtually "NO" shear (simulating manual stirring) to "HIGH" shear homogenizing and emulsifying, and everything in between!

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High Shear Homogenizer | Inline High Shear Mixers | High Shear Mixer. High shear inline homogenizer is to be designed for a high degree of mixing and replaces the simple agitator which is ineffective in mixing. It is applied where the requirement of high speed and pressure for the complicated process of mixing. It perform a different type of

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Features. A choice of modularly interchangeable stators and rotors makes it versatile for processing a wide variety of products. Variable speed drives may also be used to further adjust the shear and mixing effect. Texturizes to give a smooth body and texture to such products as ricotta cheese and food pastes.

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High Shear Mixing - Don't Fall Victim to Common Misconceptions. Single Stage Rotor/Stator design. Available in either batch or inline, and in standard or sanitary designs to meet the exact needs of your process. NEW MODEL INTRODUCED -. Ross HSM-100LSK-I Laboratory Mixer. Ross HSM-100LCI-I Laboratory Mixer. Flow Pattern.

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High Shear Mixer. High Shear Mixer is suitable for low viscosity liquids mixed with liquids, liquids mixed with the powders and liquids mixed with particles, this device can be used for mixing, dispersing, restructuring and rebuilding of soluble products.

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How to find the right Inline Shear Mixer for your application? The mixing process is the heart of any manufacturing process and the traditional batch mixers or top mounted mixing equipment are now becoming obsolete, this equipment requires ingredients to be mixed for longer periods of time, also failing to achieve true homogenization of all ingredients creating “fish eyes” or lumps.

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The ME-4100 series of the inline high shear mixers offers a possibility to pump, disperse, homogenize and emulsify products with one and the same equipment. Numerous chemical, food-processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics production processes require this system as there are lines with ingredient separation or due to the lack of space inside

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The MaxShear Inline Disperser is an efficient, low maintenance, low cost unit compact enough to be used at any point in your process. Its extremely high shear performance and powerful dispersing action generate the best premix possible.

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Bonve offers its inline high shear mixers for Cosmetic Creams and Lotions Production. It is an efficient type machine with mixing, dispersion, breaking, dissolution, refinery, homogenization and emulsifying. An ideal machine to be instead of colloid mill, ball mill and high pressure homogenizer. The machine can greatly simplify the traditional

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High Shear disperser/mixers operate in the 4500-6000 Feet/Minute tip speed range. FPM= RPM x impeller diameter in inches/12 x 3.14159. High shear dispersing is needed when mixing immiscible liquids, or dry powders and liquids. Slow speed mixing of powders and liquids form lumps with dry centers coated with a wet outer layer.

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With these inline high shear, users utilize the latest machinery inventions and enjoy a lot of flexibility in terms of working capacities and versatility. The inline high shear are adaptable for numerous mixing tasks and are available in different sizes and designs to befit different purposes. They are highly resistant to chemicals and extreme

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Aug 31,  · High Shear Mixers Manufacturer High Shear Mixers Supplier They are industrial containers that are used for preparing product mixture, designed and manufactured to address operators’ needs Ideal conditions for reaction are created, heating, cooling, mixing procedures can be performed separately or in combination inside them. These systems allow mixing processes, can operate under high

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Touch screen operator interface, PLC controls and push buttons with universal labels. Additional Features. High Shear Agitator – heavy duty stainless steel rotary blade includes fixed stator blades. Metal Detectable, Positive Pressure Bowl Seals. NEMA 4X water-tight enclosures where applicable. Rotary Face Agitator Shaft Seals (U.S. Patent No


High Shear Mixers for processing and manufacturing industries worldwide. With customers in over 140 countries and serving industries as diverse as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, luboils and petrochemicals, Silverson has become a world leader in the field of High Shear Mixing. Time and again companies

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Same high shear equipment as the 453 and 220 systems. Can be be configured with mild steel or stainless steel for ease of cleaning. Complete product evacuation with cone bottom tank. One load skid mounted system. Versatile product manifold with Mix pump serving as a transfer, roll, or load out pump. Smaller batches, faster turn around time.

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reduced mixing, although the mixer design has a larger impact on both measures. INTRODUCTION High shear melt conditioning (HSMC) technology results in improved thermophysical properties, extrudability, and machinability and reduces the occurrence of defects in the treated light alloy melt,1,2 without the addition of chemical grain refiners.

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Inline High Shear Mixers. Modern industrial processes almost always involve some form of mixing, agitation or blending. Inline, dynamic mixing machines will significantly reduce mixing time, because multiple high-shear-action zones confined in one mixing chamber can deliver the desired shear intensity performed on the product in a single pass.