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Nov 19,  · Joint Position Statement: JMPPK, WALHI, HuMa, KontraS, Desantara, Legal Aid Foundation, LBH Semarang, Pil -Net & KruHA Jakarta, 11/19/ . More thousands of women who had been occupying a tent apposing the cement factory PT Semen Indonesia in Rembang regency arrived in Jakarta. The arrival of these women was part of the effort to publicly reject read more »

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Jul 04,  · TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Gunarti, a farmer and activist in the Kendeng Mountains Community Network, seems hesitant to be compared with Kartini, even though she shares the same birthday on April 21, as the inspiring national hero.She is now well-known for her leadership in the green movement to oppose the proposed construction of Semen Indonesia's cement plant in Rembang, Central Java.

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appearance of the Kendeng mountains and surrounding paddy fields as a candidate for the built location of the cement factory. Fig. 1. Site location of cement factory in Sukolilo 2. Sukolilo's cement conflict Infrastructure development always carried out an impact on the high demand for materials in building construction.

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Dimensi gender dalam gerakan sosial: menempatkan perempuan petani dalam gerakan tolak pabrik semen di pegunungan kendeng utara studi kasus desa Tegaldowo dan desa Timbrangan, kecamatan gunem, Rembang, Jawa Tengah = The gender dimension of social movement positioning peasant women in resistance against cement factory in north kendeng mountains

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Mar 29,  · JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP): About 50 farmers and activists opposed to a cement factory in Indonesia's Central Java province have encased their feet in concrete during a days-long protest in Jakarta, the capital. Farmers in the village of Kendeng have battled against plans for the factory for years, saying it could taint their water.

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The company started with these in Kadiwono Village in Bulu District and Timbrangan, Pasucen, Kajar, Tegaldowo in Gunem District. This was the first step before the actual production of cement on a large scale. The development plan for the cement plant and the land for mining in the Kendeng Karst highland elicited varied reactions from the

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Apr 05,  · Indonesian farmers oppose cement plant construction April 5, by News Desk Farmers in Indonesia’s Karst mountains are angry about plans to build a large cement factory.

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In Indonesia, Women Farmers Crushing Cement Mining and Production Factories Karina 2017-10-27T01:15:37-04:00 Tags: Indonesia | The Samin women of Indonesia are taking the lead to save Kendeng Karst mountains in Central Java from environmental destruction as cement companies consider expanding mining and production.

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May 04,  · Kendeng Mountain is a part of the Karst Mountains that contains not only springs and underground rivers but also chalk that is used in the production of cement. While smaller companies have been mining here for years, now larger ones are coming. But the legal battle is ongoing. READ MORE: Indonesian tribes rally for land rights


North Kendeng Mountains is a karst region or limestone that must be protected and preserved, this area save water sources that supply the need of water community around. Some plans constructed cement industries have been carried out by investor backed government to extract limestone in Kendeng Mountains. But plans for cement

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Kendeng Mountains in Central Java against the attempt to establish a cement factory that would exploit the karst from North Kendeng Mountains by PT Semen Indonesia (formerly Semen Gresik) and PT Sahabat Mulia Sakti PT Indocement's subsidiary. This resistance by Samin Society caused a prolonged social conflict since 2005 to

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management is reflected in the behavior of preserved mining karst the North Kendeng Mountain from cement factory investment by conducting various activities, such as srawung, wungon, active in the organization Simbar Wareh and JMPPK, found a house of environment reject cement in various regions. merusak 67 DAS di Indonesia serta


Indonesia has a very broad area of Karst, which is more than 15.4 million hectares. Indonesia Karst region containing non-biodiversity and biodiversity that have values of beauty, the unique scientific, economic, cultural, historical, and humanity so that the national and the

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For years, a citizens' initiative in the Indonesian Kendeng Karst-Mountain has been fighting against the destruction of their livelihoods by cement factories, among others, a subsidiary of the German HeidelbergCement. The transnational solidarity network Save Kendeng supports the farmers from the Kendeng Mountains.

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Cement factory in Kendeng karst mountains Indonesia EJAtlas. In January Central Java Governor canceled the cement factory permits. Before the Supreme Court ruled the state-owned cement company began construction of its controversial plant without first conducting a thorough check of any potential impacts on the local environment [4].

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Nov 13,  · The limestone that gives the Kendeng karst its character is also the key ingredient in cement. The Kendeng Mountains had been targeted by cement companies since the

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May 16,  · ⓘ Semen Indonesia. PT Semen Indonesia Tbk, commonly known as Semen Indonesia Group, is an Indonesian cement company established in 1957 in Gresik, with the name NV Semen Gresik. In 1991, PT Semen Gresik was the first state-owned company to go public on the Indonesia

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The hydrothermal uranium and some other metal deposits occur within the zone of the major NW-SE trending normal fault and its associated minor normal faults that cut the Miocene clastic-carbonate sediments at Ochre-Um Greifat and Wadi Wizr locations. Samples from these locations were subjected to mineralogical and geochemical studies in order to determine their concentrations of strategic and

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Jun 19,  · While the company has denied the spill is toxic, a state environmental body says the corporation will face fines for contamination. A Canadian mining company has spilled an estimated 1,200 gallons of toxic waste into a river in the central Mexican state of

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